Candid moments: Children photographer, Syracuse NY

Portraits of Grandparents playing with their grandchildren, siblings playing with each other, parents playing/interacting with their children… and a boy playing with trains! oh…I was in precious moments heaven 🙂  Enjoy!

Beautiful Sisters: Syracuse, NY Newborn photographer

What a great treat it was to photograph these two beautiful girls.  Big sister Tara and her family have been coming to me since Tara was just under a year old.  Now Tara is almost five and a BIG sister! How awesome it is to part of her lives and the special events in it.  […]

New Clothes! Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

Who doesn’t love new clothes and shoes?! My baby girl loves photo session day because she knows that means getting all pretty with extra fancy new clothes and shoes.  I buy the clothes (The ones here are from Target) and arrange it on the table the I think they should go on.  She puts them […]

A Beautiful home Birth: Syracuse, NY Children photographer

This was an amazing home birth. Relaxed would not even described the room atmosphere. Mom and Dad had a great fire going in her living room which made the room so comfortable and warm. The sun was perfectly shinning through the window right in front and back of the living room. It was just the […]

Family Photography: Syracuse, NY- My girl, just wants to have fun

Dancing to the rhythm of her own music. How cute is this!?This was at the Rose Garden in Syracuse, NY. My girl was in love with the beauty of the place. Gorgeous flowers everywhere! a path to run and dance and a pond to cool off her little feet. 🙂 Enjoy. I love little feet.. […]

My first Post :) Syracuse NY Family Photographer.

Hello! Alright, so I have finally done it. I’ve created a blog.  Thank you to family, friends, customers and fans who motivated me to start a blog. After three years, I have finally done it 🙂 lol.. I have a lot to learn about this blogging business, but I think I will like it 🙂 […]