A great leg workout: Syracuse, NY Children Photographer

That is what I get when I photograph two-year olds; specially boys!! Ryan was no different! By the time I was down on one knee, he was gone! I have to say it was extremely challenging because I was in constant movement and the camera shake was at its best! BUT I ended up with a bonus  30 minutes leg workout and great pictures for mom and dad and you all! 🙂 Enjoy!

No pictures!

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Adorable baby blues: Syracuse, NY Children Photographer

How cute is this little guy!? He was so much fun to take pictures of. He arrived sleeping and woke up in a new place, all smiles and awesome baby blue eyes! So much fun! Enjoy!

Awesome baby blues 🙂
Nice greeting from Caballero Gavyn

Beautiful Sisters: Syracuse, NY Newborn photographer

What a great treat it was to photograph these two beautiful girls.  Big sister Tara and her family have been coming to me since Tara was just under a year old.  Now Tara is almost five and a BIG sister! How awesome it is to part of her lives and the special events in it.  Tara is such a gentle and kind little girl.  I loved capturing her personality as she welcomes her new sister into her life.  Enjoy!

New Clothes! Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

Who doesn’t love new clothes and shoes?! My baby girl loves photo session day because she knows that means getting all pretty with extra fancy new clothes and shoes.  I buy the clothes (The ones here are from Target) and arrange it on the table the I think they should go on.  She puts them on, in the order she thinks they should go and she has fun doing it! For example, I had a tutu skirt for her to wear with a cute T-shirt; she decided to wear the tutu skirt under her dress. It looked really cute and extra puffy.  She had so much fun with it, she started dancing and having fun. LOVE!  I no longer have to bribe her with treats after the session because the clothes are a treat on their own to her. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Emily! Family Photographer, Syracuse, NY

There is absolutely no better compliment, to me, than a customer coming back to you over and over again.  I have been photographing Emily since she was three months old.  She came to one of my mini sessions and was the perfectly little model. We took amazing pictures of her and her family in just under 30 minutes. Now that she is two years old, she makes me work and sweat to get those cute pictures! 🙂 and we still do! Especially of those amazing dimple of hers 🙂

Glowing: Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Syracuse NY

Oh how I loved being pregnant. I loved feeling my babies kick and move around, I loved how shiny and thick my hair got, my skin was just BEAUTIFUL and as weird as it may sound, I also enjoyed labor. Capturing these changes and memories is truly priceless. The beauty of pregnancy needs to be captured. I am so thankful and lucky to be able assist so many beautiful and glowing mommy’s to be document their pregnancy and their baby’s birth; it is an amazing experience. Enjoy the following pictures of this glowing mommy to be and cute daughter .

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Children photography: Syracuse, NY

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Minis are usually held at a local park during the Spring, Summer and Fall season. These sessions are perfect for family, Birthday, and milestones portraits.  They are quick and fun; you will be in and out in 30 minutes and will end up with great memories that will make you smile each time you look at them.

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March 31st (AM) Mill Run Park in Manlius

April 14th (AM) Ryder Park, in Dewitt
April 28th (PM) Onondaga Park

May 5th (PM) Franklin Park

Maternity and Newborn Photography: Syracuse, NY

“Spring is almost here” my four year old happy announces, as she sees the sun shinning and temperatures reaching the upper 60’s here in Syracuse, NY.  The following day, she sees snow falling.   She sadly exclaims “Spring will never get here mommy”. I reassure her that it will be here, to just look for signs of Spring and before she knows it, the mama birds will be singing happy songs celebrating the birth of their babies.

I am seeing so many beautiful pregnant mommies and realizing they will soon be singing happy songs to their newborn babies as well. I then wonder, if they had documented their pregnancy or scheduled their newborn sessions. Just like mommy birds, these mommies must also be pretty busy getting the nest ready for birth. So I set out to make it easier for them by having this special. xo**Offer ends May 12th, 2012**

A Beautiful home Birth: Syracuse, NY Children photographer

This was an amazing home birth. Relaxed would not even described the room atmosphere. Mom and Dad had a great fire going in her living room which made the room so comfortable and warm. The sun was perfectly shinning through the window right in front and back of the living room. It was just the most relaxed birth I have ever experienced. Mom, Dad and baby girl Josie did an amazing job. ImageImageImageImageImage

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