Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Syracuse NY

Maternity portraits are such a great gift, not only to us as mothers but to our husbands and children. I recorded my pregnancy from the very first month all the way until the day of my c-section. I documented every trimester! I am so glad I did because I read some stuff that I had forgotten already; it is great look at and read. My daughter who is now five (5) years old, LOVES sitting with me and asking me questions as she browses through the album and sees my belly grow. We enjoy this time together very much. Every time we look at the album, she has new questions, so cute.. Plus I love how I looked pregnant. It was my last pregnancy; I am so glad I documented it so well. Maternity portraits are so beautiful to document specially when there are siblings involved because little ones next to bellies are just absolutely adorable no matter what they do! :). Enjoy this beautiful mother daughter maternity moment.

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Life is a beach: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

Soft sand, crashing waves in the broad blue horizon, beautiful dunes in a fresh water environment. Instant content smiles from everyone as they walk towards the shore and feel a refreshing and an almost tickling feeling when the waves crash in. A gorgeous sunset that inspires not only me as a photographer, but anyone around, this is a recipe for BEAUTY. I am not describing a destination in the Caribbean, or the coast of Maine, no, I am describing a little haven called “Sandy Island Beach, Lake Ontario” This little piece of heaven is located just under an hour from Syracuse and is the spot I chose for my destination sessions. You will laugh, you will sigh at the beautiful sunset, you will relax and I will be there to capture it for you! Please click here to schedule your Destination Session

Beautiful girls
It is so easy to have fun!
so much fun!
with such breathtaking scenery, it is easy to be romantic 🙂
So special to capture a heart melting moment like this.

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Ana Gil-Taylor Photography

Super cuteness! Newborn Photographer, Syracuse NY

Meet this sweet little Angel. She is only one month old here. Isn’t she super cute?! Enjoy!

Super cuteness!

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Six months old cuteness!: Syracuse NY children Photographer

Pure cuteness! I know I say this a lot, but it is true!! I photograph the cutest babies in town!! If you don’t believe me, ask their moms!! Or see proof below 🙂 You are also welcome to go through my previous posts under archives- to your right 🙂 Enjoy!!

Totally cute right?

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How handsome! Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

How handsome is this little one!!! and those eyes!?  Enjoy!

Handsome B
Handsome B   

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A beautiful family: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

The temperature was amazing, mid 80’s, low humidity, the location was gorgeous. The sun gave us just the perfect amount of its beautiful golden rays, an almost three-year- old boy who just wanted to have fun and enjoy his loving parents. Everything worked perfectly for this beautiful family and I could not be happier! Enjoy:)

Simply beautiful
Love this!
So much fun!

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Mini Sneak: Children Photographer; Syracuse NY

Sharing some of my favorites from the first two sessions of our June Mini session.  I love minis! We spend about 30 minutes together and end up with great, beautiful portraits. Enjoy!

A Beautiful and happy girl
Gorgeously sweet
Gorgeously sweet
Love, Love
One happy family!  I just LOVE these moments!

Candid moments: Children photographer, Syracuse NY

Portraits of Grandparents playing with their grandchildren, siblings playing with each other, parents playing/interacting with their children… and a boy playing with trains! oh…I was in precious moments heaven 🙂  Enjoy!


So cute!!!
So cute!!!
Granparents love
Grandparents love
Fun family times
Fun family times

Beautiful memories: Children photographer, Syracuse NY

I can safely say that my favorite images to look at are those that shows interactions between mother and child.  My favorite pictures of my mom and I are a couple of candid ones where we are playing by the river. She is helping me hop from one rock to another; you can see the joy in both of our faces… simply sweet and cute, that is my go to picture :).

Capturing beautiful memories such as these, is a thrill for me, knowing that in about 10-15 years, Maggie (daughter) will be looking at these beautiful images smiling, remembering moments like these with her mommy.  Enjoy!

Time to play xo
Time to play
Say what!? LOL
Beautiful love

Happy Mother’s day weekend- Syracuse, NY family Photographer

 A slideshow I put together with beautiful mother child tender moments and funny ones.