Children Photographer: Syracuse NY- Newborn to One contest winner annoucement

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A special friend: Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

I remember having a very special friend when I was little.  Her name was Miss. Piggy; yes, from the Muppets.  I loved her and used to tell her all of my secrets. She was always there, always where I left her waiting for me. I thought that was really neat.  Now I see my daughter, my son and my niece with a special friend and makes me wish I had a picture of her and I.  That would have been priceless for me now.   Great memories.

I am so happy that I am able to capture these memories for my niece daughter and my son (picture not posted, he would not approve lol, he is 12).  As these will also be priceless memories for them as they admire their own children’s relationship with their special friend.  Enjoy!

Special friend- Georgia
Special friend Georgia
Special friend- Kitty
Special friend Kitty
Special friend- Kitty
Special friend Kitty
Special friend- Georgia
Special friend Georgia


Did you have a special friend? Do you remember its name?

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Studio Session Contest winners: Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

Hello everyone!!

Thank you so much to all who participated in our Studio session contest.  Below is the video announcing the winners! We will be having more contests so please, if you are not a fan yet, go to my facebook page and “Like” it. We also post sales, mini session schedule and of course heart warming and beautiful portraits for your heart’s delight 🙂 Our next month contest is Newborns 🙂 Go on an like our page!



Cake Smash: Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

Cake Smash Birthday Sessions are so much fun! A cake just for the birthday girl/boy to do whatever he/she wants with it; What they choose to do is the fun part and I will be there to capture it! 🙂

Cake smash
Cake smash

Grace-2362FB- Gracecake2390-FB GracecakescollageFB

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Maternity and Newborn Photographer, Syracuse NY

Happy, tired, excited, a new little one is in your life. It does not matter whether you are a new mom or if you have had 5 children, the feelings are the same. So much to do, the meals, pumping, preparing the bottles, and at the same time trying to remember that you still have other children or pets, yourself and a husband to tend to!. It goes on and on.. Soon you settle into your new routine, and the baby is now six months old…And he/she looks so different and so do you (and probably your husband and the rest of the family). Then you sit down and think, “Gosh, I do not have a great picture of me and my baby!”  not to mention the family and the new baby! By the time you get to finish that thought, the baby starts crying because he/she needs a nap! In another blink, baby is ONE!! Where did the time go!? You still don’t have a great family picture documenting your special addition and his/her changes and the changes it has made in your lives.  Horror story!! It does not have to be.  Ana Gil-Taylor Photography has a solution for all the new mommies out there.  Our plan will take care of this process for you! We call it, “Bump to One” no pun intended! Bump to One is a plan to invest in  while you are pregnant and sort of sane.  Photo sessions start with maternity and include Newborn, 6mo, and 12mo.  We will manage the details and give you peace of mind. You’ll receive and email or a call to schedule your sessions! All you need to do is keep your appointment! Ha! Seriously doesn’t that sound great? It is the perfect plan! Call our studio (315) 263-8996 or visit our website to schedule your Bump to One package or to receive more information.

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Traditions: self-timed family portraits, Syracuse NY Family Photographer

iphones/smartphones are so accessible nowadays that sometimes we forget we own another camera. A camera that is capable of taking a picture all by it ls little self and include everyone in it.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to take self-timed family pictures every year at Thanksgiving or any other holiday, put it in an album and look at it every year with family members? What a great way to digest the feast! Looking at year’s past/present family portraits ha!. I think I will start that tradition this year.  Seriously, take out your cameras, place it on the table or any other sturdy surface, set it on self-timer, run to your spot and  smile, laugh, be happy, silly, whatever you feel like doing, just get in the picture!

Take out your camera’s manual and figure out how to set your camera on self-timer before the actual day, portrait day.  If you do not have your owner’s manual anymore, google the make and model and you will be sure to find it.

Here is a picture I took on self-timer and one my husband took. Included it here because we just huddled together at my grandparent’s small living room and moved nothing. The chair on the way is my Abuelo’s “ottoman” He loves that thing! he takes it everywhere around the house! I am so glad it is in the picture!

Labor day 
Abuela’s house’08

Have a happy and save Thanksgiving!!



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Fall leaves me happy: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

“Fall leaves me happy” As corny as it sounds this quote is what comes to mind when I see all the happy families, I have had the pleasure to photograph this fall.  The air, the colors, the smiles it all “leaves me so happy” 🙂  Enjoy!

A beautiful portrait of happy mommy and daughter
Brotherly love
Super cute family
Love this!!

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Fun family sessions: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

We have been having so much fun with our Fall family mini portrait sessions! Blessed with amazing fall colors, amazing weather and amazing families. Loving it all!  Enjoy the following fun and beautiful family portraits.

Pure family fun 🙂
Beautiful family portrait

Just too cute and fun

Daddy cracks me up. 🙂 I absolutely adore this capture.
So cute
Mom came to me with great maternity portrait ideas. I love it when my customers come with their own ideas
A beautiful Mommy and her children
Beautiful colors, beautiful family, beautiful moment, beautiful picture.

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Ring around the rosies: Children Photographer, Syracuse NY

Do you remember playing Ring around the rosies? Was it with your
friends, or did you play it with your siblings? or perhaps both?
Childhood memories are absolute treasures. I often find myself
remembering the silliest games and songs my cousins, siblings and
friends used to play; These memories produce an instant smile some
times followed by a laugh. Although it is a gift to have those
memories, I wish I could have them materialized in pictures. To
see my best friends, my siblings, my cousins small again, to see
myself as a child again. Simply priceless memories; there is no
possible way to recreate that because well, I can’t go back to being
a child (physically that is :). Enjoy.

Ring Around the Rosie
Ring Around the Rosie- fall down
Beautiful memories-Cousins



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Hugs & Kisses: Family Photographer, Syracuse NY

There is absolutely, in my opinion, nothing better than family hugs; Especially little ones hugs! Feeling those little hands squeezing your neck and face as they try so hard to show you how much they love you with a hug. It is simply priceless. Candid, loving, family portraits, that is me! Enjoy!

Just perfect!
Family kisses and hugs!!
Mommy and Daddy’s time to hug! so cute!

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