Photographing and posing males and females hold their own unique set of fun and new challenges. In my experience, females are very clear on what they do not want to look like in a photograph. No matter how fit they are, ladies always ask me “Can you make me look skinnier?” Which as a female,  I can relate to and in turn produce great headshots for my clients.

Males on the other hand, have very little to share. They usually say “ I need a headshot for (such and such) purpose” no further information provided.

I’ve been practicing male posing with my guy;  He lets me practice new male poses, but he also shares how he wants to be photographed. I am able to read his body language when he is describing the poses but I am also able to see how he takes direction when I am behind the camera.  This has helped me read his body language in different scenarios and situations. To my surprise, I have been able to read the same body language when photographing other males, which allows me to adjust accordingly.  Practice makes “perfect” and I am liking the results!

I leave you with some casual shots I took of my guy…definitely a team effort that produced great results. 🙂

ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-3302E1ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-3236E1ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-3259E1ana gil-taylor headshots photographer-3361E1

Next, we are going formal, GQ style! Stay tuned!

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