Salina 1st: Ground Breaking Ceremony

“Celebrate good times, come on!”  was the theme song at the Salina 1st, ground breaking ceremony – And a celebration it was!  Community members, project investors, UMEA members and anchor tenants were amongst those present to celebrate this very exciting and historical event.

Deputy Mayor, Sharon Owens emphasized the importance of community members investing in those who invest in our community.

Deputy Mayor, Sharon Owens

Mayor Walsh, shared how this project checks all the boxes of our City’s vision.

Mayor Walsh

Robert Simpson, President & Chief Executive Officer CenterState CEO,  shared that “ there is no future for a community that leaves an entire portion of its population behind.” All great, and inspiring messages. 

Robert Simpson

There was so much pride and camaraderie by everyone in attendance; a delight to see.

My son who came with me, got inspired by the stories shared and said:  “Mom, there are so many opportunities out there, it all starts with a vision” Yes, my Sonny, it all starts with a vision.  Great job to everyone involved in bringing this vision into its physical form.

A shout out to Victoria Coit, Director of Operations and Business Development for ‘Cuse Culture  for organizing the ceremony.

To view more pictures of the day, visit my website  —–> Salina 1st Ground Breaking Ceremony picture gallery

Oh, here are the Sonny and I 🙂

The Sonny and I



Thank you for reading – until next event,  – ana

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