Dinosaur exhibit coming to Syracuse!

“The exhibit will feature life-sized dinosaurs, there will be theatrical smoke and fog as patrons walk through the exhibit”  explained MOST Museum President Lauren Kochian, with great excitement!

“This makes me want to go back and teach!” exclaimed a retired middle school teacher when I shared the exciting news with her.

This exhibit amongst others give new life to the MOST Museum thirty-eight years after it first opened its doors. I still remember bringing my older kids to the museum and my daughter being able to remember every exhibit after a second run through.  Now I’m able to take my middle schooler there and she can always find something new to explore or learn more about.

The conference brought out a great crowd. Present were: Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, who shared his support for the museum and the exciting contributions its bringing to our Syracuse Community and children, J.Ryan McMahon II – County Executive and Matt Beadnell, Onondaga County comptroller.

Thank you to the MOST staff for finding new and interesting exhibits for our community to engage with – and for making it easier to find things for my middle schooler to do on the weekend!

The exhibit is scheduled to open this Summer,  July 13th and 14th.  Please visit the MOST’s website for more information.

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To view more pictures click  —> MOST Dinosaur Exhibit press release

Until next event! – ana

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