ana gil-taylor: Headshots | Hair and Makeup question

One of the first questions I get asked by my female headshots customers is; Should I have my hair and make up professionally done?

Answer: Yes.

Hair and Make-up should go hand-in-hand when investing in your headshots.  Not only will having your hair and make-up professionally done bring you an instant confidence boost, but it will also transfer to your photographer.  The way my customer’s demeanor and attitude changes after hair and make-up is incredibly fascinating and undoubtably energizing.  It allows for a bit more creativity and flexibility.

When photographing, experimenting/playing with lighting is a lot of much fun for me; I can create different moods, enhance my customer’s beauty even more, and ladies… lighting also smoothes out the face even more, by filling in shadows – Shadows create lines – not good for us ladies. The right make up application, great lighting and photographer, will return beautiful and natural looking headshots, and very little retouching to boot!

I leave you with these selfies I took with my iphone playing with my nightstand table lamp and my professionally done makeup 🙂

Oh I was feeling great; the hair was on point and so was makeup!  I had just come home from an event and was feeling it.  These were taken at 1:30a.  My make-up was professionally done, assisted by my night stand lamp as fill.  As per retouching, I applied a filter to darken the background a bit  and that made my face look a little lighter, but that was the extent of it.  

In this shot the lighting is evenly distributed throughout my entire face. I love how in this shot you can see how simple but on point for me, my make up was.
I like this shot as well, you can see “hot” spots from the highlighting the MUA applied.
Here, I wanted to show contrast between my lipstick and the nails. I got really close to the light to lessen the intensity of my lipstick and positioned my hands in a way where the light wouldn’t affect it much. I was pretty happy at the way it came out. 🙂

That lamp is boss, isn’t it? 🙂 

Gentlemen, don’t worry, I have tips for your headshots session as well. Stay tuned and make sure to follow me! Facebook, Instagram   

Thank you for reading! – ana

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Headshots are your personal trademark,  a small investment with huge returns.

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