Behind the scenes: Mompreneurs

Being self-employed is a very rewarding accomplishment; One that brings fulfillment to my life each and everyday.  My active mind gets exercised with the demands and challenges of being self-employed; a welcomed side effect. I love being able to relax with my little ones when they get sick, bring them to their appointments and my favorite, being able to volunteer in their school activities.   The ease of being able to take a mental day off when necessary also deserves a mention.  All of these are awesome perks that would have been a bit harder to manage had I been working in the corporate world.

On the other hand,  being self-employed does come with a significant amount of challenges.  For me, the face off has been: finding the camaraderie I loved in corporate, establishing business hours and policies, keeping on top of business trends, and separating work and family.

I have been able to find the camaraderie and business support I miss from corporate from mompreneurs friends and support for the business aspects through local organizations and networking groups such as Onondaga Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and Women Business Opportunities Connections (WBOC) amongst other means.

Having the support of other “mompreneur” friends is invaluable.  I feel lucky to be surrounded by an interesting variety of other business women.  I appreciate these ladies’ support so much, I have decided to feature them all on my blog.  These women are smart, great mothers, wives, and friends. This group of powerful and beautiful women is comprised of a personal trainer, a graphic designer, a promotional products guru, and two wonderful clothes designers. Syracuse, NY hit it big with these wonderful and talented gems in town.

ana gil taylor-Salomon-5791EThe first gem I am going to write about is my juicing partner, recipe inspiration buddy, party friend and the one who has gently encouraged me to try new and exciting ventures in the exercise world. Hannah Salomon, Personal trainer. 

Hannah Salomon, the exercise whisperer! Hannah is amazing at what she does. Her gentle but firm encouragement is one of the traits I love the most about her approach to fitness and self-transformation.  “Come to my Spin class, I will make sure your bike settings are right, if you like it you can come back, if you don’t at least you tried again.” this was her proposition for me to give spinning another try.  I had tried spinning  before and my body had a big tantrum.  My knees were in pain and back felt like my three kids made me carry them up and down the stairs three times! I was very hesitant.  I went to her class, she adjusted my bike, gave me a gel seat cover and played awesome music.  The workout was tough, however, 45 minutes  flew by.  I was hooked – so hooked I asked Santa for biking shoes that year.

Hannah customizes every workout based on her clients’ needs, goals, activity level and most importantly, she addresses any injuries her clients may have.


I love seeing my girl in action.  I recently did a photo session of her training one of her clients;  It was so intense and targeted, I felt sore after the session – Home girl means business!



Hannah_PT_2015-3163 Hannah_PT_2015-3343

Salomon-6082E_FBConnect with Hannah if you are looking for a fun and inspiring instructor who offers an intense no nonsense workout with great music – or if you rather have the individualized attention of a personal trainer who will assist you in taking your body to the next level.  You will love her and the results!

She also teaches at Urban Life Athletics downtown Syracuse.  The first kick-A class is always free, so there is no obligation to buy or join anything.. but beware… her job is to give you a workout so awesome that you will want to come back for more!

Next month, I will introduce you to another Syracuse, NY gem,  a super sweet and talented graphic designer.

Thanks for reading! – ana

Watch the video to get motivational tips on getting started and staying focused in your goals as well as a kick -A- 8 minute workout to keep us going on those days when a longer workout is not doable.

To connect with Hannah: Facebook | Instagram | Website

To connect with ana gil-taylor and plan your next head shot or family session Portfolio | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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