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Head-shots are not only for actors, models or corporations. They are for everyone! Online presence; self-branding is imperative, especially now in this media driven society. What is the first thing we do when we meet people, whether it is business related or personal? We “google” or Facebook them right?. We want to know more about them.   How are you representing yourself in social media? 

Head-shots should show your prospects a glimpse of who you are with a hint of mystery for them to take the next step and find out more about you and your services.

Mom and owner of POW promos promotional marketing materials
Mom and owner of POW promos promotional marketing materials

I had a customer who chose me to photograph her family solely based on my head-shot. How do I know this? I asked her how she heard about me and why she chose me.  She said “..because you looked very easy going, mischievous and energetic on your head-shot, perfect match for my family” My head-shots accurately portrayed me and my personality and I got a great booking out of it;  kind of awesome right?

IT Business Development, Sales Engineering, Sales Management
IT Business Development, Sales Engineering, Sales Management

I know it can be intimidating to get in front of the camera by ourselves, with no props or children to distract us. Believe me, as much as I love to show off in front of the camera and behind it, I still get nervous at head-shot time. However, I trust my photographer he knows the angles, and the light and how to get me to relax to capture the best possible representation of myself and personality. 

ana gil taylor_Salomon-6082E_FB
Mom and Personal trainer-

To ensure we get the absolute best head-shot to represent you; we will have a pre-consultation to discuss what you are looking for in a head-shot and what to expect the day off the session.  We talk about wardrobe, make up, hair, what to expect the day of the session and after.

The day of the session feels less scary to you and for me it feels like I am photographing a friend and this!…. is a recipe for great looking, full of personality, head-shot that represent you and what you will be using them for.

To visit our head-shots gallery visit us here.

To schedule a meeting and learn more about our head-shots or to schedule your session please click here.

We would love to meet with you and hopefully photograph you!

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Central New York portrait photographer, specializing in headshots and events well as high school senior and family portraits. Call me.

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  1. I’ve had the big pleasure of passing through the experience of my first photo shoot in my life. Ana is one of my best friends, so she made everything easy and simple to me, the results were beyond of my expectations, and that is because Ana’s professionalism. Highly recommendable, Thanks Ana!

  2. Ana is so professional and efficient! I didn’t have a lot of time but she was able to get many photos to choose from and we had a great time! Ana listened to what I was trying to achieve and she nailed it! I highly recommend her for your next business head shot as well as for family photos! My family just loves her!

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