It’s more than just a picture…

One of the reasons why I love Family Photography is because I have a clean, straight shot, of providing children with an amazing memory they will carry on for the rest of their lives. They may forget the actual event, but the memory and feeling of the family portrait will forever remain with them. I have not lived enough to have the children I have photographed hire me to capture their family portrait, but I pray for the day that does happen.  That will be such an amazing feeling that I have touched a child’s life, and in turn it has transferred into a great experience for them.
Children love to see their portraits printed, and see family portraits on the wall. Portraits they could glance at and see from a distance, portraits they could feel their parents are proud of displaying.  This is what I dream of every night and strive for at each family portrait session.

Fun_Family_Portrait_7710FBChildren are our future, so the future depends on us. Our decisions, our actions.  They don’t see us as “fat” or “old” they see us as their parents, happy or not. They see what we don’t see, they feel the feelings we brush off because we are already used to them or choose to ignore them.

Beautiful-Family Portrait-8178EFBFun family Portrait-5936FBWe are the transition between their life chapters. Let’s make great memories for our children and let’s show it to them!
Fun Family Portrait-8139EFBLove,
Ana Gil-Taylor Photography

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