Ballerina shoes: Children Photographer | Syracuse NY

Ever since I can remember my little girl loved ballet. She used to save every penny she would find since age 3 and tell me that is was for her ballet class. I can remember her seeing loose change on the kitchen counter and asking if she could save it in her piggy bank for her classes. Finally in first grade, at 6 years of age, she joined Ballet. She met great friends, and had so much fun learning and performing. She looked adorable leaping and jumping around the stage. After the recital, as soon as we got home she asks ” Mami, now that I’ve tried Ballet, can I try Hip Hop?” Children’s mind change as fast as they grow! I am so happy to be left with her dirty and adorable ballet shoes; (I can even see her little toe marks in them!) her cute little dress and super cute photos and video of her time in ballet.

As look through the photos to make her album I realized her two front teeth were not even out when she started ballet. Her bottom teeth had just come in. I am sure in a couple of months she will look at the photo album and pause as glimpses of practices and/or the recital come to mind. Then perhaps she will try to get into her costume or ballet shoes. Mixed emotions will surface for both of us when she realizes that her shoes do not fit anymore. She will perhaps ask for new ballet shoes, I……… I will be glad to have captured those moments in her life, when she was in first grade, in Ballet and wore size 12 shoes. Great childhood memories is one of the best gifts we can give to our children and to ourselves.

Now let me go work on that first grade photo album! I leave you with cute photos of her cute little shoes, getting ready to go on stage and the performance 🙂

Adorable ballerina shoes
Adorable ballerina shoes
Ballerina getting ready to perform- being silly in the front
Ballerina getting ready to perform- being silly in the front
Recital time! Mine is in the first one from the left in the back row
Recital time! Mine is in the first one from the left in the back row

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