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My sweet, happy girl loves to play pretend.  One never knows who she is going to be from one day to the next.  She tells us every morning who she is pretending to be.  This is serious stuff.  Lately she has been pretending to be characters from Harry Potter, Hermione and Bellatrix. When she pretends to be character, she takes it seriously. She dresses, talks, walks and does her hair like the character.   The other day she was Bellatrix, so she dressed all in black, including hair accessories, for two days!

One day, she came home from school and saw a set I had from a previous session earlier that day.  Her brown owl eyes lit up and she let out this beautiful smile.  “Mami, could you do a session of me playing there?” she asked.  – Of course! I responded.

We quickly did an outfit change, and she rushed to the set and started to play. I stood there, watching her, I didn’t want to leave the studio to go get my camera. I got taken by her playful innocence, her smile, her laugh, It was Abby playing in that set, my Abby!

This  session is definitely my favorite portrait session of her thus far. What a beautiful, gentle, creative, imaginative little human being God has blessed us with. And to think this , set inspired her to be herself for 30 minutes! Right after she was changed into Hermione. But hey…, I got portraits of Abby!!

I leave you with some fun photos of her.  Enjoy!

So much cuteness!
So much cuteness!

Abby-2886EFB Abby-2885EFB Abby-2846FB

I love that face!!
I love that face!!
Fun fun times
Fun fun times

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