Traditions: self-timed family portraits, Syracuse NY Family Photographer

iphones/smartphones are so accessible nowadays that sometimes we forget we own another camera. A camera that is capable of taking a picture all by it ls little self and include everyone in it.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to take self-timed family pictures every year at Thanksgiving or any other holiday, put it in an album and look at it every year with family members? What a great way to digest the feast! Looking at year’s past/present family portraits ha!. I think I will start that tradition this year.  Seriously, take out your cameras, place it on the table or any other sturdy surface, set it on self-timer, run to your spot and  smile, laugh, be happy, silly, whatever you feel like doing, just get in the picture!

Take out your camera’s manual and figure out how to set your camera on self-timer before the actual day, portrait day.  If you do not have your owner’s manual anymore, google the make and model and you will be sure to find it.

Here is a picture I took on self-timer and one my husband took. Included it here because we just huddled together at my grandparent’s small living room and moved nothing. The chair on the way is my Abuelo’s “ottoman” He loves that thing! he takes it everywhere around the house! I am so glad it is in the picture!

Labor day 
Abuela’s house’08

Have a happy and save Thanksgiving!!



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