A Candid Proposal: Syracuse Family photographer

Love it when things are meant to happen.  Originally,  we were going to go to a different spot on Boulevard east, NJ.   Life worked things out for us to change our minds about the location.  Right before I started my niece’s session, the proposal caught my attention.  I looked around to see if there was […]

Family Photography: Syracuse, NY- My girl, just wants to have fun

Dancing to the rhythm of her own music. How cute is this!?This was at the Rose Garden in Syracuse, NY. My girl was in love with the beauty of the place. Gorgeous flowers everywhere! a path to run and dance and a pond to cool off her little feet. 🙂 Enjoy. I love little feet.. […]

My first Post :) Syracuse NY Family Photographer.

Hello! Alright, so I have finally done it. I’ve created a blog.  Thank you to family, friends, customers and fans who motivated me to start a blog. After three years, I have finally done it 🙂 lol.. I have a lot to learn about this blogging business, but I think I will like it 🙂 […]